Playmate Wannabe Latex Bunny Mask

Playmate Wannabe Latex Bunny Mask

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Have you ever wondered why a bunny represents the infamous Playboy magazine? Perhaps, it's the fact that these vivacious creatures look tame and wild at the same time. But if you want to have a playmate of your own, all you need to do is make your partner wear this Playmate Wannabe Latex Bunny Mask.

This hood-type mask will transform your partner into a jaw-dropping bunny. Plus, the fact that it is latex makes it look even more dramatic. This mask is not that intimidating and will not restrict your pet's senses. It will only cover the upper half of her face, giving her the ability to speak and breathe during your play. This mask also has eyeholes, so you can watch the way her eyes roll back as you give her ultimate sexual satisfaction. And didn't we say that this mask is latex? Yes, indeed. As if the fact that it's a bunny mask isn't enough, its material is the sexiest there is.

Putting it on might seem complicated, but it's quite the opposite. All you need to do is to unzip the mask first and put it over your sub's head, as you would using a beanie. Make sure that it fits securely and that the eye holes are where you want them to be. If your partner wears a ponytail, you can insert her hair in the hole and let her shiny mane flow down. Once everything is in place, zip the mask up and let the adventurous pet play start.

This hood will even look more glamorous with a latex suit. Throw in a collar or bunny tail butt plug, and you might catch yourself drooling. But of course, don't forget to ask your partner first if it's something she'll be comfortable doing.

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Color Black
Material Latex
Dimension Length: N/A
Head Circumference:
XS: 19.09 inches
S: 20.87 inches
M: 22.44 inches
L: 23.62 inches
XL: 25.00 inches
XXL: 25.59 inches

Neck Circumference:
XS: 12.01 inches
S: 12.80 inches
M: 14.37 inches
L: 15.55 inches
XL: 15.94 inches
XXL: 16.34 inches
Thickness: 0.016 inch