Padded and Comfy Rubber Pup Hood

Padded and Comfy Rubber Pup Hood

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The moment you met your wife, you knew that she's going to transform your life. She's not the controlling one; in fact, she's so clingy to you. But it's not her only trait that made you like her so much. She's also so into you that she changed herself from a nun-like, demure woman to a naughty submissive slut only to fulfill your sexual needs. That's what sets her apart from all your exes.

Give her some token to show your appreciation for her devotion. Get her the Padded and Comfy Rubber Pup Hood—the mask for submissive women like her!

Wearing this mask won't make her feel like a slave at all, as it's so comfortable to use. It uses high-quality soft rubber, a material that's safe to use on your woman's sensitive facial skin. It has a pup-like figure with ears, eye holes, and a detachable muzzle. The holes will allow her to see you through during the play, while the detachable mouth will allow her to use her lips and tongue if the necessity calls—you know what it means. It comes in a sexy matte black color, which will surely match her bare, naked body during sex. It also comes in just one size that fits many head sizes.

Like a motorcycle helmet, the full-cover mask is worn on the entire head—from the top to the chin. You can add a leash and chain on her neck to add more drama to her outfit. Once everything's on, walk her like a bitch around the room. Teach her some tricks, like, perhaps, deep-throating your dick? Fuck her in the ass, too, like how dogs do it.

When you're both done releasing your orgasm, make sure to have it cleaned by wiping off the dirt and sweat on it. Use a plastic-friendly cleaner to do it. Air-dry it by hanging, then store it in your cabinet after.

It will be an entirely different experience when you add this Padded and Comfy Rubber Pup Hood into your every-night sex. Get this kinky costume now!


Color Black
Material Sponge-Padded Soft Rubber
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference/Thickness: One size fits many