Open Mouth Spreader Spider Gag
Open Mouth Spreader Spider Gag
Open Mouth Spreader Spider Gag
Open Mouth Spreader Spider Gag

What's the point of bondage play when you don't have a complete tool kit? Collars, cuffs, and leash chains are not enough to restrain the sub. She's tethered and tied, so what? Her mouth is still free to scream or say what she likes. Give her complete restraint experience with the Open Mouth Spreader Spider Gag. If you spread her legs, spread her mouth, too, for the most blissful bondage adventure!

This gag tool features multiple straps that wrap around the head for that badass slave look. These straps are made of high-quality synthetic leather. The harness is also constructed to endure vigorous or rough play. Rings connect straps, and attachment points are secured with rivets. The harness fastens in three areas: one at the chin and the two behind the head.  The buckle closure mechanism allows full adjustability to accommodate a range of head sizes. 

Should you need to secure the closure, use a padlock as one of the buckles behind the head has a prong with a loop.

If you're amazed at the complex-looking straps, your slave will shudder when she sees the metal spider gag. Its four prongs on the sides will not give her a break until you say so. Put the ring behind her teeth to keep her mouth open. With two prongs on each side of her mouth, she won't be able to twist or flip the circle. 

Insert whatever you want into her mouth, which means a dick is most welcome if it's less than 1.54 inches in diameter. This ring gag is also perfect for golden shower enthusiasts, so piss in her mouth if that's your kink.

Keep in mind that bondage play should be safe and consensual. Doing anything that's never negotiated and agreed upon will ruin the fun. Keep this in mind, and you are one rightful Dom to use this bondage gag. Buy now!

Color Black and Silver
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Prongs: 2.56 inches (65 mm)
Ring: Inner Diameter-1.54 inches (39 mm),
External Diameter: 1.97 inches (50 mm)


Open Mouth Spreader Spider Gag

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