Open Mouth Punishment Lip Gag
Open Mouth Punishment Lip Gag
Open Mouth Punishment Lip Gag
Open Mouth Punishment Lip Gag

Kissing your special someone—be it a French kiss, a Spiderman kiss, or a single-lip kiss—feels good. It's a sign that you love that person you're with, and sometimes, it's a way to kickstart the foreplay. However, some couples don't enjoy such vanilla kisses. They want wet, sloppy smooches. If that's what you want, then you should get this Open Mouth Punishment Lip Gag! It will take your kisses to the next level.

This gag is in the form of luscious cherry lips made of rubber. Once you shove it in your girl's mouth, it opens her lips wide, giving you access to her tongue, teeth, and throat—all of which can help enhance your oral play. And since it's inside her mouth, you deprive her of speaking clearly. All she can say are ahhs, oohs, and mmm's—sounds that will turn you on.

The gag is also available in two luscious colors: pink and red. Choose a shade that will want you to kiss your girl more!

To use this provocative gear, you need to start with the foreplay. Start caressing your partner's hot body and kissing her neck. Once she opens her mouth and starts making noises, it's time to gag her. Put it inside her mouth and give her wet kisses. If that's not enough, shove your junk inside her sweet lips and let her tongue do the action—or thrust in deeply until you reach the throat. Ransacking her mouth using your manhood will give you pure erotic bliss!

When the session is over, you have to clean it right away! Wash it with antibacterial soap and water and pat it with a clean cloth to dry. Store it away from other erotic tools to preserve its new-like condition.

Give your girl sloppy smooches and more with this Open Mouth Punishment Lip Gag. Add it to your cart now!

Color Pink, Red
Material Rubber
Dimension Length: N/A
Inner Diameter – 1.57 inches (4 cm)
Outer Diamter – 2.95 inches (7.5 cm)

Open Mouth Punishment Lip Gag

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