Old School Punishment Scourge Whip
Old School Punishment Scourge Whip
Old School Punishment Scourge Whip
Old School Punishment Scourge Whip

Old School Punishment Scourge Whip

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There’s a saying, “Out with the old, in with the new.” But is it always true? The truth is, nothing beats the classic. That’s why they come and go. Sometimes, they don’t go at all. They are here to stay, enhancing your style, your look—and, yes, even your sex life.

If that’s what you are aiming at, go for the classic—like this Old School Punishment Scourge Whip. It looks like the one used by equestrians, only this time, it’s used by dominants like you. Hold it in your hand, and your bottom will quiver with fear and excitement because your person knows what’s about to happen next upon seeing it.

This lash features a braided leather whip and sleek strings. Once it hits the body, it gives mind-blowing sensations that will make your submissive partner cry out from pain and pleasure. Meanwhile, the wooden handle provides a comfortable grip. It’s ergonomically designed, so you can hold it with ease. There’s also a looped strand tied to its base to enhance the grip. That way, it won’t slip off your fingers no matter how hard you lash it.

Ready to whip your plaything’s body with this vicious tool? Ensure that you have enough knowledge and practice on holding and using it. Flogging your lover with it with no experience nor proper guidance will cause serious harm. Sure, you want to hurt your person, but you don’t want to injure your bottom, do you? So before anything else, learn the basics. Also, talk about the rules and boundaries with your partner, and don’t forget to choose a safe word that will mean “stop.”

Once everything is set, go ahead and use it on your slave! Ride on your bottom like a cowgirl and use the whip to make him thrust deeper and faster—or lash his helpless body while he’s all tied up. Your choice lies in how you want to satisfy your carnal desire.

The Old School Punishment Scourge Whip is available in black and brown. Get one that piques your interest and add it to your cart!


Color/Type Brown, Black
Material Leather
Dimension Length: 27.56 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A