Not A Word Leather Sex Mask
Not A Word Leather Sex Mask
Not A Word Leather Sex Mask
Not A Word Leather Sex Mask

Looking for a bondage tool that will keep your sub’s eyes and mouth shut? Here’s a piece of BDSM gear that can do both! The Not A Word Leather Sex Mask will close her eyes and mouth, turning your passive partner into a helpless slave.

This kinky studded headgear features leather straps that go around your mouth and eye areas and over your submissive lover’s head. These straps have holes and buckles, enabling you to adjust the mask’s fit according to her head size. It also has a removable and studded blindfold that blocks her vision, denying her from seeing things around her. Then, there’s the ball gag with air holes. This tool will prevent her from speaking. All she could say would be oohs and ahhs—sounds that will turn you on the moment you hear them.

To use this bondage accessory, you need to wrap the straps over and around your slave’s head. Then, buckle them up to secure the mask in place. Next, put the blindfold on, making sure she won’t see what’s about to touch her body. Then, push the gag in her mouth, and voila! She’s ready to receive the consequences of her action. Tickle her, smack her sensitive spots, pinch her nipple with nipple clamps—do anything you can until she cries for mercy.

And when you’re satisfied with her punishment, give her an explosive bang! Spread her legs wide, aim your mighty dick at her wet slit, and give her a series of intense deep thrusts. Doing so will help you reach kinky paradise.

When the session is over, give this item aftercare and clean it with wet and dry soft towels. Store it away from dust, sunlight, wetness, and of course, prying eyes.

Put your slave’s eyes and mouth under your control. Grab this Not A Word Leather Sex Mask now!

Color Mask: Black
Gag: Yellow
Material Mask: PU Leather
Gag: Plastic
Dimension Length: N/A
Gag - 1.77 inches

Not A Word Leather Sex Mask

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  • $139.99

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