Metal Chain Adjustable Nipple Clamp

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Have you always wondered what it felt like to have your nipples squeezed in a lustful way? Our Metal Chain Adjustable Nipple Clamp will answer that and more if you want to awaken yourself with different experiences and sensual intentions.

This pair of mini torture devices may seem overwhelming at first, but they play a vital role in the BDSM roleplay, and more importantly on the woman's breasts. The first thing you need to know is that this Metal Chain Adjustable Nipple Clamp is made from high-quality metal, making our sex toy seem more unforgivable than it already looks.

Why this pair is important may not be as important as you'd think. But when you really think about it, it does make sense. Besides the clitoris, a woman's nipples can be just as sensitive; and like the clitoris, what the arousing pair need is some tender loving care before sex (AKA foreplay). This is where our Metal Chain Adjustable Nipple Clamp comes into the picture.

The clamp works best when the nipples are erect. Stimulate them a bit by having your partner suck on them, massage them, or use a vibrator, and slowly - but ever so seductively - tease around.

Once they're upright, loosen the screws on the Metal Chain Adjustable Nipple Clamp. Place each nipple in between, and tighten the screws as tight as you'd like. Tighter is always better, but don't constrict them too much that it becomes uncomfortable.

The goal we're trying to reach here is to pinch your nipples in a way that it will prevent blood flow, making them numb. Once you release the tension, blood will continue to rush through the area. This will make your nipples extra sensitive; one swipe from a tongue could cause a rush of emotions that you just might have an orgasm right then and there!

Convinced? Then don't wait. Grab the Metal Chain Adjustable Nipple Clamp now!

Color Silver
Material Metal
Type Adjustable Nipple Clamp
Dimension (inches)
Length: Free Size
Width: Free Size
Weight: N/A