Lightweight Sexy Gas Mask Gear
Lightweight Sexy Gas Mask Gear
Lightweight Sexy Gas Mask Gear
Lightweight Sexy Gas Mask Gear

Lightweight Sexy Gas Mask Gear

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Any change alters the dynamics of your game in all aspects of your life. It can happen beyond your control, but in BDSM scenarios, if you are the master, you make changes happen. Don't get stuck with the same scenes because if you do, you'll get tired of your games eventually.

Do you think you have completed your arsenal? Because without the Lightweight Sexy Gas Mask Gear, you're missing a lot! When this gas mask is within your reach, you'll have tricks up your sleeve for more exciting BDSM scenes.

Put this full-face mask on your slave to gain more power and control as she submits herself to all your desires. There's no reason for her to refuse because this headgear is comfortable even during prolonged use. It's lightweight and ergonomic. The areas around the nose and forehead are cushioned for maximum comfort. The triangular PC lenses allow clear vision, and they are shock resistant. Breathing won't be a problem as there are ventilation holes right at the mouth and nose level. The two filter canisters are detachable, but why take them off when they purify the air, and in BDSM, they make the mask look more badass? Secure the gear by strapping the harness around her head. The straps are adjustable, so fitting should not be a problem.

If not for your slave, you can have it for yourself. Wear this gear to drive her on edge. With this mask on, you will look like a faceless executioner with no mercy at all. Your servant will cringe with fear when she hears a different voice giving commands.

This protective or erotic gear is made of thermoplastic polyurethane. This material is highly resistant to abrasion; hence, it's durable. It's also as flexible as silicone; thus, it feels as soft as well.

Your arsenal needs an upgrade, and you have to do it soon. Grab one now!


Color Black
Material TPU
Dimension Length: 8.66 inches (22 cm)
Circumference/Thickness: 8.46 inches (21. 5 cm)