Helpless Predicament White Latex Mask
Helpless Predicament White Latex Mask
Helpless Predicament White Latex Mask
Helpless Predicament White Latex Mask

Helpless Predicament White Latex Mask

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Strip your slave off of her identity. In the vanilla world, she may be a woman with an impressive personality. However, in your dungeon, she's nothing but a faceless creature, compelled to do all of your commands. And what better way to erase the traces of her character but by covering her head using this Helpless Predicament White Latex Mask.

This white mask can do more than restricting her eyesight. It also covers the majority of your sub's head. Additionally, the material is latex, a form-fitting material that is perfect for this purpose. This head accessory is thin and lightweight, making it appropriate for long-term wear. It is also highly stretchable, so it fits most head sizes. And because it's white, your partner can be anyone or anything you want your sub to be. You're not just denying your slave of her identity but her humanity too. Objectifying your submissive partner has never been this easy!

This hood covers most of the wearer's head but still gives her the ability to breathe and talk. And because of this feature, even beginners in bondage can enjoy this accessory. But because it's body-conforming, who's to stop you from adding other restraints like a gag or a muzzle. After all, the more your slave struggles, the more cathartic it feels.

But, hold up! Because before you go on a bondage toys shopping spree, there is one thing you should get first. And that's your partner's consent. Bondage may be about thrill with a touch of sadism. But by practicing it without approval, you may get in trouble. Moreover, it will not be as fun.

To clean this hood, you can use lukewarm water with mild detergent soap. Do not tumble dry or iron it as it is sensitive to heat. Air dry both sides before storing it in a place away from heat or sunlight.

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Color White
Material Latex
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference/Thickness: N/A