Heavy Duty Metal Ball Stretcher
Heavy Duty Metal Ball Stretcher
Heavy Duty Metal Ball Stretcher
Heavy Duty Metal Ball Stretcher

Can your partner still keep up with you whenever you have sex? Perhaps he’s just a naughty boy, and you want to teach him a lesson he won’t forget? What if we told you there’s a tool that can improve your man’s performance in bed and torture him at the same time? Look no further, for we offer you this Heavy Duty Metal Ball Stretcher! It’s a scrotal ring and CBT device in one.

Like any scrotum ring, this tool traps the cum in the sack, preventing it from flowing out of his penis. And when his sweet release is halted, it will lead to bedroom fireworks once you take it out of his balls.

And speaking of balls, this CBT tool has three dangling balls attached to the ring. These metal orbs give added weight, pushing his scrotum further and delivering delectable agony. And you know how good it is to see when your man is squealing with pleasure and pain.

Now the question is…are you ready to torment your bad slave? First thing’s first: you need to make sure that he’s up for it! Ask for his permission and set some ground rules and boundaries to follow during the scene. Also, don’t forget to establish a signal—such as a safe word or a gesture to know if it’s time to stop the act.

When everything is set, it’s time to give your man the kind of treatment he deserves. Lube up his limp junk with your favorite sex lube, then slip his pitiful balls into the ring, and voila! His dangling jewels are all yours. Pull them, squeeze them, smash them—do whatever it takes to make him yell in delightful pain. And when you’re happy with the punishment you give him, take the ring off and enjoy a wild and wicked ride.

Make your erotic games more fun and exciting with this Heavy Duty Metal Ball Stretcher. Grab one now!

Color/Type Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Height: 0.79 inch
Inner - 1.46 inches
Outer - 2.32 inches
Weight: N/A


Heavy Duty Metal Ball Stretcher

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