Hardcore Stainless Ball Torture
Hardcore Stainless Ball Torture

Take your CBT play to the extreme! Ditch all the cock rings and other torturous toys you have for your man, and get this device instead.

The Hardcore Stainless Ball Torture will make you wonder what the hell you were thinking with your man and why the heck he likes it. This exquisitely wicked ball stretcher will test his strength and endurance as it pulls down his nuts with knee-trembling intensity. And with the spikes underneath his scrotum, he will be screaming, not with pain but with pleasure!

To use this oh-so-kinky device, you need to make sure that your guy is up for the challenge. Ask your man slave if he’s into this kind of play. Also, be sure to set some ground rules and boundaries and establish a safe word or gesture. Though this kinky encounter is all about causing pleasurable pain to your man’s cock, you need to make sure that it still pleases him, not hurts him. And oh, watch out for body signals. If your man’s junk is getting numb or experiencing discoloration, you need to stop the action right away! You don’t want to damage his hefty treasure, do you? Exactly!

When you’ve sorted out everything with your submissive partner, then it’s time to crush his balls! Open the ring using the included Allen wrench and wrap it around his dangling jewels. Customize the experience by adjusting the nuts and the fasteners to control the ring’s position on the shanks. Lastly, trap his desperate balls by raising the plate of the spikes to torment him even further. The result? It will deliver delicious agony while the tool and gravity do their work!

When the session is over, you need to clean each part with mild soap and warm water. Wipe the device dry and keep it in a cool, discreet place.

Treat your man’s pitiful balls the way they deserve to be treated—with pleasure and pain. Grab this Hardcore Stainless Ball Torture now!

Color/Type Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 4.13 inches
Height: 3.15 inches (adjustable)
Width: 1.57 inches
Inner – 1.38 inches
Outer – 2.17 inches

Weight: N/A


Hardcore Stainless Ball Torture

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