Hardcore Electric Glans Torture Device
Hardcore Electric Glans Torture Device

His cock has been stubborn. It just won't harden as much as you like, and his premature ejaculation has deprived you of pleasure for so long. You want to take revenge by crushing his balls. Oopsie! You won't go that far yet, but you have fantasies about torturing his cock and balls.

If your partner hasn't experienced CBT, the best way to introduce him to this play is by using the Hardcore Electric Glans Torture Device. A bit of electric shock or a strong zap will change your vanilla sex into an exciting sexual adventure. Not only that, it will turn his flaccid, soft cock into a raging phallus that will let you reach the peak!

The Hardcore Electric Glans Torture Device is a superb tool for newbies and experienced players. The set comes with a silicone glans cover and a user-friendly control host. Start by applying a little conductive gel on his cock head before placing the e-stim rubber onto his glans. Connect it to the control host via cable.

The conductive silicone glans cover is safe to use. It is soft and skin-friendly. Let your partner enjoy gentle electric shock, then gradually intensify until your man begs you to stop. Your aim is to torture and to give him pleasure at the finale. This conductive glans torture device will draw more blood into his cock, and in return, his dick will be as hard as a rock.

The control host is your ally. With this control device, you can easily adjust the intensity of the shock. Press the buttons on the left and turn the adjuster on the right. Let him have a taste of various e-stim levels, and make him scream if you must. Don't forget to clean and dry the rubber after every session to make it ready for your next cock-torturing game. Get two reliable AAA batteries to make the device work.

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Color/Type Black
Material SIlicone
Dimension Length:
Control Host: 3.94 inches(100 mm)
Glans Cover: 2.48 inches (63 mm)

Control Host: 2.36 inches (60 mm)
Glans Cover: 2.17 inches (55 mm)
Opening: 1.06 inches (27 mm)
Head: 1.57 inches (40 mm)

Weight: N/A


Hardcore Electric Glans Torture Device

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