Handmade Natural Latex Sex Mask

When you wear the same clothes over and over, no matter how comfortable it fits and how good it looks on you, it eventually loses its appeal. Routines can be boring, and the same thing is true even on the most exciting things—like bondage plays. You have to stir things up a little every once in a while. That being said, why not give your Sub a break from her all-black attire during your BDSM session and get her the Handmade Natural Latex Sex Mask?

This white rubber hood is a breath of fresh air from the uptight aura of your naughty black accessories. It still provides all the qualities of latex that you both have grown to love so well, only this time it comes in a friendlier snowy hue. It has holes for your Sub’s eyes, nostrils, and mouth for a worry-free kinky fuckery.

If you’re going for a mind-blowing sensory deprivation, then you must target the largest organ in the human body. And no, it isn’t your Sub’s sex organ. It’s the skin! Hence, this mask creates an effective barrier between erotic stimulation and some of your partner’s strongest erogenous zones. While your Sub is wearing this latex hood, her ears, neck, and nape aren’t exposed. If these areas are her hot spots, then it will drive her crazy to deny her your touch and kisses. It’s a sweet torment you’d surely want to witness.

This product also has effortless upkeep. You can clean it with warm water, skipping the soap and detergents. Avoid bleaching the product; else, you’ll damage the material. After washing, wipe off excess water and let it air dry, laying it flat. Keep this item away from the heat of the sun to preserve its quality.

What are you waiting for? Add the Handmade Natural Latex Sex Mask to your purchase today and have it delivered to your doorstep in a jiffy!

Color White
Material Latex
Dimension Head Circumference:
XS: 19.09inches
S: 20.08 inches
M: 23.03 inches
L: 24.02 inches
XL: 25 inches
Neck Circumference:
XS: 12.01 inches
S: 12.01 inches
M: 14.76 inches
L: 15.94 inches
XL: 15.94 inches

Handmade Natural Latex Sex Mask

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