Gorgeous Red Spiky Locking Collar
Gorgeous Red Spiky Locking Collar
Gorgeous Red Spiky Locking Collar
Gorgeous Red Spiky Locking Collar
Gorgeous Red Spiky Locking Collar

It's time to take off from ordinary to extraordinary. Your female partner loves the combination of pain and pleasure, and she willingly submits herself to all your sexual whims. Up the ante is all she wants, and you've been fantasizing about it for so long. Put this Gorgeous Red Spiky Locking Collar around her neck and dominate all you want!

There's nothing more erotic than giving in to your fetish, so here's to satisfy you with a studded red neck strap. You can use it to choke your sub whenever you wish. Adorned with spiky metal studs and gems, this collar is oozing with a sexy vibe. Bold and daring in red, you can't resist your slave once you wrap it around her neck. Ravish her because she has nowhere to run when you have the leash in your hand.

The collar features a sizable O-ring where you snap the lobster clasp of the leash. This leash is a chain of interconnected metal links, so it can restrain your submissive when she tries to escape or run away from you. At the end is a loop made of the same material used with the collar. Take charge and take the lead with more ease, and when it's time to hump on her, tug the leash with every thrust you make. That will turn her on big time.

She won't be able to take it off if you secure it with its padlock. Being the Dom, you must keep the key and lock and unlock her whenever you please. And if your concern is about the size of the collar, we can assure you that it will fit snugly. It's adjustable, so find the right slot before you lock it up.

Feel the adrenaline rush because it will only get intense. Experience profound thrill soon when you buy this collar today!

Color/Type Red
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: 17.72 inches
Width/Diameter: 1.97 inches


Gorgeous Red Spiky Locking Collar

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