Glossy Full Face Slave Hood
Glossy Full Face Slave Hood
Glossy Full Face Slave Hood

When spanking and restraining aren’t enough to discipline your slave, then it’s time to level up! And what better way to do this than by sensory deprivation? But before doing so, you need to have the right gear with you. Sure, blindfolds and gags work, but if they always fall off of your sub’s face, they will only disrupt the act. You have to retie and put them back on her eyes and mouth before you can continue.

But if you have this Glossy Full Face Slave Hood with you, you don’t have to deal with these problems. You’ll only have non-stop pleasure and fun when you wear this on your lover’s head.

As the name suggests, this kinky headgear is a full-faced hood. It covers the entire head; thus, depriving the wearer of her senses. When she can’t see, hear, smell, or taste what’s in front of her, that’s when the fun begins! She will never know what you will do to her unless it touches her hot, sensitive skin. She won’t even be able to speak because her mouth is covered by this hood. The only thing she can say is “mmm.”

For this reason, you need to set the rules and boundaries and establish a safe gesture before putting it on her head. Remember that sensory deprivation isn’t everyone’s favorite, so be sure to talk about these things and ask for her consent before jumping into this kind of bondage play.

Once you’ve sorted everything out, then you can put this on her! Unzip the hood and wrap it around her head and neck, then zip it. Congratulations! She’s all yours. Chastise her, tease her, make her wet—do whatever it takes until she begs for your mercy. If she learns her lesson, reward her with an explosive release. Aim your dick at her love hole and give her a series of deep thrusts until both of you reach the pinnacle of orgasmic pleasure.

The Glossy Full Face Slave Hood is available in red and black. Go ahead and take your pick now!


Color Black, Red
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference/Thickness: N/A


Glossy Full Face Slave Hood

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