Get Screwed 4 Inch Blue Vibrators

Get Screwed 4 Inch Blue Vibrators

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Blue is the new black, and with this lovely toy in hand, you will have the best sensual toy experience ever!

We have made our Get Screwed 4 Inch Blue Vibrator with the highest quality of silicone to let you enjoy a great skin-like texture that will warm you up and get you going. Silicone is an excellent material for a vibrator because it is very sturdy with amazing bendable properties. You can do all kinds of experiments as you make your dildo experience truly one of a kind.

This stunning piece also has a very unique hue of blue that will make for a lovely addition to your collection. The unique screw-like design can create whole new vibrations as you play and make naughty movements during your downtime.

The device has a 4.6 inches shaft that will massage even the deepest corners of your vag. You can be sure to have a peaceful kinky time as we have incorporated a heavy-duty vibrator that has very low noise when turned on. That is premium throbbing minus the hassle of a boisterous machine.

To make things better, this lovely toy can be used in the shower or tub as this is 100% waterproof too! No more lonely bath time when you have this in your hands.

Just be sure to always wash this toy before and after each use to make sure you have a clean dong to play with. Dry it and store it in a separate container away from direct sunlight and dust.

Get this lovely piece of toy to cater to all your sensual needs. It's blue, it's fun, and it's you! We ensure discreet shipping to all our orders so you can be sure to keep your dirty little secret safe with us.


Color Blue
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: 4.6 inches
Width/Diameter: 2.16 inches