Fiendish Seduction Sex Toy Whip

Fiendish Seduction Sex Toy Whip

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The first time you showed your man your whole dominatrix ensemble, he laughed at you and said it was silly. You got offended, but inside, you thought he was right. Your lame whip made of plastic looked like a stick to shoo the flies away. So now, you are on the lookout for a device that has a fiercer vibe.

The odds have brought you to this page to consider having this Fiendish Seduction Sex Toy Whip instead. Its devilish look will terrify your man, that he, without a doubt, will submit to your every word as he sees you holding it.

This powerful sex accessory features braided premium synthetic leather strands. It comes in a fiery red—a color that suggests darkness and temptation. At the one end of this woven leather are short tails. These elements add torture to the punishment as they also inflict pain at multiple spots when lashed against the skin.

On the other end of the whip is an ergonomically designed beaded handle. You can easily grasp it with the bumps that are fit to the ridges of your hands. Plus, it has a string attached to its tip, which you can use to cling to your wrist for a more secure grip.

Your darling may tremble from fear and run away from your sadistic look when he sees you in possession of this whip. But don't worry about chasing him. This lashing tool measures 31.50 inches, long enough to hit him even at a distance. From the moment he turns his back, strike him so he can feel your wrath!

Your man-slave will take your dominance seriously and won't even attempt to grin at all once you surprise him with your new toy. That's how sadistic the look of Fiendish Seduction Sex Toy Whip is. So, grab yours now by hitting the "add to cart" button on top!


Color/Type Black with Red
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: 31.5 inches (80 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A