Feline Temptation Sexy Mask
Feline Temptation Sexy Mask
Feline Temptation Sexy Mask
Feline Temptation Sexy Mask
Feline Temptation Sexy Mask

You're already finished with the training phase, and you like to see the results. You're through with being a lenient Master, and now, you want to know how much of a good kitty your Sub has become.

Now is the time to ditch the cat ears and get something that means serious business. Make your pet play more daring and realistic by putting a mask on your Sub!

The Feline Temptation Sexy Mask will take your acts to greater heights. You have the choice if you want your Sub to be a smoldering black cat or a vulnerable white kitty. Its PVC lace material exudes an alluring aura that compliments your Sub's captivating persona. The detail of the mask is a fine display of craftsmanship, and she'll be excited to wear it. Shiny rhinestones adorn the delicate fabric, which delivers an exquisite finish. Complete with playful whiskers, this mask will make things hotter in your playroom!

Have your Sub sensually purring while posing all the provocative stances you practiced. This mask has holes to showcase her best asset, so you will have no trouble looking intently at her brown eyes while your mind runs wild on all the naughty things you plan on doing to her. This accessory will stay on her head securely because it has an elastic garter that ensures a snug fit around her face.

You'll know that you're up for a splendid playtime the moment you see your Sub looking all sexy with this mask as she sways her hips when crawling towards you. Prepare to be smitten with her exotic beauty and have her lick you—like what good kittens do. She's one sexy sight to behold, especially when you know how much she's into it. Look at that breathless charm. Won't you do her a favor and make her cum?

Pet play has never been this erotic. Purchase the Feline Temptation Sexy Mask today!

Color Black, White
Material PVC
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference/Thickness: N/A


Feline Temptation Sexy Mask

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