Elastic Silicone Ball Stretch Cord
Elastic Silicone Ball Stretch Cord
Elastic Silicone Ball Stretch Cord
Elastic Silicone Ball Stretch Cord

Your cock has always made you proud. Every time you need it to perform, it always comes through and never leaves anyone hanging. As you are a sucker for exploration and a bit of a Masochist with slightly sadistic tendencies, you want to feel many things, and pleasurable pain is on top of that list.

You want to start easy, no fuss, and you want it simple. So nothing is more uncomplicated than the Elastic Silicone Ball Stretch Cord. This stunner will transform you to be a cock God that you are destined to become. This is made of high-quality silicone, remarkable for its durability and elastic qualities. Unlike ordinary ropes you find in any hardware, these are skin-friendly with an adjustable link that you can fit according to your preference. To make sure you have a pleasurable experience, give time to cut your pubic hair as this may get tangled up on the strings as you wear it. Once done, you can loosen the ties and place them at the bottom portion of your cock. Adjust the band according to the amount of pressure you are most comfortable with. Starting low is advised before progressing to extreme cock gripping. You will feel your dick bulge up as blood will rush to your shaft due to the pressure. Imagine your hefty cock now, and then some, wow, you are truly becoming a masterpiece. Who will ever resist you?

Additionally, this ring can also be used around the balls to delay ejaculation. That's additional time to perform to your Chikita and make her feel special! Just be sure to unclamp the strings now and then let your package breathe and allow blood back to the constrained area.

Cock and balls torture is all fun if you study the do's and dont's. So don't be lazy and read your options and all the precautions you need to remember. After all, this could make or break your best asset!

Celebrate your manhood with excellent tools to make you more confident. Add this item to your purchase today!


Color/Type Black
Material Silicone
Rubber Band
Dimension Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Diameter: Adjustable
Weight: N/A


Elastic Silicone Ball Stretch Cord

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