Dual Ring Mouth Spreader Gag
Dual Ring Mouth Spreader Gag
Dual Ring Mouth Spreader Gag
Dual Ring Mouth Spreader Gag
Dual Ring Mouth Spreader Gag
Dual Ring Mouth Spreader Gag
Dual Ring Mouth Spreader Gag

Pink is innocent. Pink is sweet. But this Dual Ring Mouth Spreader Gag has none of those qualities, as this kinky gear is badass in terms of its design and purpose. This mouth gear features leather straps with a belt buckle and holes, giving a snug fit for the wearer. Furthermore, these bands hold the gag in place to prevent it from falling off if your girl spits it out during the intense bondage play.

And speaking of the gag, this metal mouth spreader stretches her jaws and lips wide, preventing her from speaking clearly. Furthermore, it allows you to shove anything in her mouth. You can push your tongue in her lips and give her wet, sloppy kisses. Heck, you can even put your dick in her mouth! Feel her breath, and let her tongue taste and suck your raging hard-on, or thrust in deeply until you reach her throat. It's all up to you how you want to use those luscious cherry lips of hers!

But before you do any of these things to her, make sure that she's game. Discuss why you want to do it on her and what gestures she'll use during the play. If she's up for it, lucky for you, for you can do all those things on her mouth. You can even tie her up or put a blindfold on for added sexy thrills. Just make sure to listen to her body signals to know when to stop.

As mentioned earlier, this kinky accessory is made with leather and metal, so cleaning it is a breeze. Wipe off its surface with clean, wet fabric, followed by a dry one. Store it in a cool, discreet place, away from dust, sunlight, moisture, and other toys.

Make your girl say, "Ahh," when you put this Dual Ring Mouth Spreader Gag in her mouth. Grab one now!

Color Pink
Material Straps – Synthetic Leather
Gag – Metal
Dimension Length:
Full Length – 23.62 inches (60 cm)
Adjustable Length – 14.96-22.05 inches (38-56 cm)
Straps – 0.59 inch (1.5 cm)
Inner Diameter – 1.18 inches (3 cm)
Outer Diameter – 1.57 inches (4 cm)


Dual Ring Mouth Spreader Gag

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