Dual Beads Stainless Steel Glans Ring
Dual Beads Stainless Steel Glans Ring
Dual Beads Stainless Steel Glans Ring
Dual Beads Stainless Steel Glans Ring

Dual Beads Stainless Steel Glans Ring

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Pieces of jewelry are accessories to show social status. For some, these are worn to impose power. Which ornament best suits you?

Introducing our Dual Beads Stainless Steel Glans Ring! This stainless-steel glans ring - the hoop that will bring you brawn and potency! The classic yet straightforward metallic design will truly complement that hot-blazing cock. It's like a crown on your head down there.

Aside from the glamour look, this sex toy was specifically designed to have two beads to anchor onto your dick's head, thus stabilizing its position once worn. It was made to stimulate your urethra by strangling the pathway along with the member to your penis's head. In effect, you will experience hard erection and extended orgasm, thus sensationalizing more of your sexual experience. It is also best accompanied by a ball ring to maximize the pleasure you can get!

Apply a water-based lubricant to the surface of your mushroom to ease the dressing procedure. Carefully fit it to your tool such that it is properly placed yet still comfortable to wear. After some time, you will feel the heat intensifying and your heart rushing, like in a state of delirium. That's right! It's like in ecstasy - the time when you can perform in your wildest. Enjoy your long hard-on throughout the night like you have gotten all the might!

Once it has done its service to you, thoroughly clean the device by washing with mild soap and water. You may also sterilize it with isopropyl alcohol as it quickly dries up once applied. Dry with a paper towel and keep in a box to find it whenever you need it.

Saturn wore a ring to achieve mythical supremacy. Imagine what a mere mortal could do too. Want to try it? Get yours now and add this to your cart! We guarantee discreet shipping on all your purchases, so buy in confidence!


Color/Type Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width: Bead- .31 inch (8mm)
Diameter: 1.18 inches (30 mm)

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