DIY Sex Machine Motor
DIY Sex Machine Motor
DIY Sex Machine Motor
DIY Sex Machine Motor
DIY Sex Machine Motor
DIY Sex Machine Motor

DIY Sex Machine Motor

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If your partner lives a thousand miles away, you have no choice but to use hand-held sex toys. The problem is, that you may want to indulge and free your hands at times so that they can explore other areas of your body.

You have owned a dildo with a suction cup for quite some time, and it's been gratifying to you for the most part. In truth, though, you don't have the energy to pump it at the end of the day. All you want is to spread your legs and get pounded in the pussy at times like this

Make your solo time more enjoyable and relaxing with the DIY Sex Machine Motor. This machine features a reciprocating cycle that generates a back-and-forth linear motion. The motor has three different stroke lengths, and switching between them is simple.

You can choose between 12 and 14 volts, depending on the voltage in your area. In addition, it has a wide range of rpms, from 5 to 1000. If slow motion pleases you, go for it! Get the model with the highest rotation per minute if you need speed. The axle speed rotation may not be consistent or uniform. Also, faster strokes make more noise. Let's just say that a noisy motor will drown your moans.

This sex machine motor is built with a mounting plate to make it steady and stable. Imagination is the key to finding a mountable piece that will give you the most comfortable sex position.

With this linear actuator, you can create a bespoke fuck machine that no one will ever find anywhere. You can buy dildos of different sizes to suit your moods. Adapters may be required for these attachments to fit securely. Have fun creating your sex machine soon when you buy it today.

Color Silver
Material Aluminum Alloy
Dimension Length:
Mounting Plate- 4.92 inches (125 mm) Distance between holes- 2.36 inches (60 mm)
Motor & Drive Arm- 3.70 inches (94 mm)
Distance between Adjacent Holes- 0.79 inch (20 mm)
Mounting Plate Holes- 0.26 inch (6.5 mm)
Package Inclusion 1 DIY sex machine motor