Dick Hangtime Leather Ball Stretchers
Dick Hangtime Leather Ball Stretchers
Dick Hangtime Leather Ball Stretchers
Dick Hangtime Leather Ball Stretchers
Dick Hangtime Leather Ball Stretchers

As a slave in a BDSM relationship, you have a limited chance to bring in toys for your Mistress. She is your God and does not mess with an unsettled Sub. So you have to play it cool and follow her lead. But as she was spanking your cock last night, you cannot deny how good it felt. She also nibbled it, and you are absolutely in a trance with that feeling.

Now that you think about it, you would consider bringing a more daring tool for your Mistress to play on you. If that is the case, then the Dick Hangtime Leather Ball Stretchers will be a great option.

This set includes a leather sleeve, a weighted ball, and a silicone penis sheath. You either use the leather sleeve alone or use all of this together; it depends on what you want to achieve and the kind of cock performance you want your Dom to enjoy.

Nothing is too extreme if you take the opportunity to practice and talk about it. So, give some serious time to set safety rules and assign a safe word to utter when the cock grabbing becomes too much.

After all the earnest talk, it's time to play. Place the leather sleeve on your cock and lock it using the adjustable Velcro fasteners. Make sure to hold the weighted ball and slowly lower it for added force when you are ready. Next, prepare your cock for a sensual gripping. Place this cover at the bottom portion of your penis so the weight can force blood into the shaft. This will result in a more robust and sensitive cock. Additionally, your Mistress will truly enjoy teasing you while this cock restraint is swinging in between your legs. It's a carnal visual display you both will relish.

Moreover, the included cock sleeve will give you extra width and length when you need it. It is made of silicone, so it is durable and skin-friendly. When you insert your dick inside your partner's love hole wearing this, she will feel the thickness of your package and will wail your name all night long!

Don't be shy; an innovative Sub is always a better slave. Show your Dom your toy choice; add this set to your purchase today.

Color/Type Sleeve: Black, Ball: Silver, Penis Sleeve: Flesh
Material PU leather
Dimension Length: Penis Sleeve; 3.94 inches
Diameter: Sleeve: Adjustable, Penis Sleeve: 1.38 inches
Weight: N/A

Dick Hangtime Leather Ball Stretchers

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