Dark Desire Handmade Latex Hood

Dark Desire Handmade Latex Hood

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Denial comes in many forms, and some of them aren’t that bad. Of course, when you take away food and deny yourself sleep, it’s going to cause unfortunate outcomes. But do you know that there are other things you can repress and still make you all the more pumped up?

Welcome to the world of BDSM—a place that thrives on delayed gratification. Here, the more you deny your Sub of all the pleasure, the more explosive her orgasms will be. There are primary tools of torment in this kinky kingdom—leather, ropes, and cuffs. But there’s another material that makes bondage play more exciting: Latex!

The Dark Desire Handmade Latex Hood goes well with your Sub’s favorite catsuit. Its shiny wet-look effect is a stunner on its own. By putting this hood on her head, you are subjecting her to erotic sensory deprivation, especially if licking and biting her ears make her weak to the knees. As this latex gear covers some of her erogenous zones like her neck and her nape, she can’t have any of those sensual stimulations yet—until you decide to remove this mask. And when you do, you can expect her to go crazy the moment she feels you breathing close to her hot spot. Talk about “fooling around” on a different level!

As latex is a tight-fitting material, you might need to apply some lubrication before making your Sub wear this mask. Sprinkling a little amount of talc on the insides of the hood will help you put it over your partner’s head easier. Or, if you do not have talc powder with you, you can always rely on your preferred silicone-based lube to get the job done. Nothing will get awkward if you’ll carefully plan how to carry on with your naughty deeds.

Go on, deprive your Sub of all the pleasure for a while. Make her crave for you with the Dark Desire Handmade Latex Hood. Add this to your purchase now!

Color Black
Material Latex
Dimension Head Circumference: N/A
Neck Circumference: N/A