Cute Bunny Silicone Covers
Cute Bunny Silicone Covers
Cute Bunny Silicone Covers
Cute Bunny Silicone Covers

Cute Bunny Silicone Covers

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Backless outfits or off-shoulder tops and dresses are what most empowered women would love to wear. If you think you are one of them, then start buying them to upgrade your wardrobe. And when you do, don't forget to shop for a strapless adhesive bra like our Cute Bunny Silicone Covers. These are available in black and skin-tone colors and come in small and medium sizes.

The cups are round with bunny ears. These ears have a vital role to play—they'll lift your breasts to make them look perkier—not saggy. Show off some good cleavage and thank the lace-up design of this strapless bra. Each cup is thick in the middle and thin around the edges to make your breasts look naturally fuller.

The main fabric is cotton, and in place of straps, these breast coverings are lined with silicone with bio-adhesive material. Given stable viscosity, this undergarment will not only have staying power, but it will also last for several uses.

You might think the sticky silicone will make your breasts sweat a lot. No worries. They are made breathable for maximum comfort. We know breast skin is delicate, so we've carefully picked body-safe and hypoallergenic materials for a hassle-free experience. Do clean and dry your breasts before putting these covers on.

To take full advantage of this invisible bra, make sure to wash it properly. You'll need mild soap and warm water to keep it fresh and pristine. Never use a brush or a cloth in an attempt to scrub it and remove dirt, sweat, and body oil. Doing so will only damage the adhesive much faster than you think. Let it air dry before putting it away. It is a reusable undergarment, and its stickiness will be gone eventually. But with proper care, you can use it many times.

Show off that flawless back or shoulder and make it happen with the Cute Bunny Silicone Covers. Buy now!


Color Black, Khaki
Material Cotton (Main Fabric)
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A