Cupping Device Nipple Suckers

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Experience new and different sensations in your sex game is a crucial part of having a great time. You can play by changing the temperature or using a unique tool like a feather to run over an erect penis or a throbbing clitoris. These are all parts of sex, and in a bigger sense, discovering your sexuality.

Our Cupping Device Magnetic Nipple Clamps are one of these amazing toys that can deliver unique sensations that are sure to fire up your bedroom games. These toys can be used to put pressure on the nipples and add a tugging effect as they get sucked by them.

This pair of cupping tools work wonders on your sensitive dugs. First, the simple process of having your nipple sucked will make it erect and fully stimulated. Then after you release them from the suction clumps, the sudden surge of blood into the chest area will make your nips highly sensitive. This is the best time to lick, kiss and touch the nipples for maximum enjoyment.

Made from premium plastic, our Cupping Device Magnetic Nipple Clamps are sure to deliver a safe and comfortable sucking action. It has an inner diameter of 1.1 inches, a great size to cover all your needs.

Though this toy is mainly used for the nipple area, you can also use it on your clitoris and experience a whole new erotic feeling. Sucking, kissing, and even tongue action may give you immense satisfaction, but putting sexual tension onto your sweet and sensitive spots is something you should try. It is enjoyed by most women all over the world and for good reasons!

Don't be the last to experience these suction clips! Grab our Cupping Device Magnetic Nipple Clamps and enjoy a whole new sensation you have never felt before!

Color Clear
Material ABS Plastic
Type Magnetic Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: 1.1 in.
Weight: N/A