Cosplay Perfect Leather Dog Mask
Cosplay Perfect Leather Dog Mask
Cosplay Perfect Leather Dog Mask

You want to get a dog. However, one of your housemates is allergic to dog fur. Though you could find a new place where you could have a pet at home, this isn’t a perfect time to look for a new abode because 1. It’s hard to find a new rental place nowadays, and 2. It’s not advisable to move to a new house, budget-wise and time-wise.

Here’s a solution for you! Why not transform your partner into a dog? Get a tail plug to turn your lover into a wild and sexy beast. But if that look isn’t enough, then you should get this Cosplay Perfect Leather Dog Mask! This accessory will complete your partner’s doggy look.

Made of synthetic leather, this mask looks just like a dog’s head with a muzzle and a detachable blindfold. The gag inside the animalistic hood prevents the wearer from speaking clearly, so all he could say is ahh—a sound that’s music to your ears. Meanwhile, the removable blindfold keeps your dog from seeing what’s in front of him. He won’t know what is about to come unless he feels it.

Underneath the hood is a collar with an O-ring. This ring lets you walk your pup around the house or in public. And if he’s turning into a bad dog, you can use it to discipline him. Just attach a leash or any bondage tool of your choice to the O-ring, and you’re free to do whatever you want to do to your naughty pet.

Spank his body, tickle his sweet spots, lock his cock, clamp his nipples—do whatever pleases you until he growls for mercy. And if he learns his lesson, hump on his mighty dick until both of you reach the peak of pleasure. Just don’t forget to establish a safe word or gesture before doing this kinky encounter. And oh, clean it with wet and dry cloths after each use to keep it in tiptop condition.

Turn your lover into a passive beast in bed with this Cosplay Perfect Leather Dog Mask. Grab one now!

Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: 4.5 inches (muzzle)
Head Circumference: 25 inches
Neck Circumference: 14.5 – 18 inches

Cosplay Perfect Leather Dog Mask

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