Comfy White Puppy Play Hood
Comfy White Puppy Play Hood
Comfy White Puppy Play Hood

You and your Sub are so in sync. You both are so compatible with each other, and you share the same interests. Well, everything is perfect except for one thing. She isn’t fond of your pet dogs. There’s even a time that you caught her being mean to one of your puppies. Well, here’s what you can do to punish her and teach her how to be kind to animals: turn her into one!

Your Sub will never understand how your pets feel when she gets cruel to them unless the same thing happens to her as well. So, by commanding her to be a dog for a day, she’ll get a taste of his own medicine. Aside from the staple leash and collar, there’s another must-have item to turn your pet play into a more serious one: the Comfy White Puppy Play Hood.

This mask is made of polyester and spandex. These textiles are widely used in the fashion industry not just because they look good but because they are comfortable to wear, too. This product appears very pristine in white, the exact opposite of how dirty you plan your puppy training to be. The quality of craftsmanship is remarkable, as all parts are sewn together neatly. Capturing notable details of a wild hound, your Sub will definitely feel your wrath the moment she puts it on her head.

Strip her naked and make her crawl. Ask her to fetch things, and if she isn’t fast enough, spank her. Command her to bark when communicating, and if you want to make things more hardcore, serve her food on a dog plate! After your humiliation session, she’ll surely appreciate your dogs more and will treat them nicer after she learns her lesson.

Don’t let her get away with her bad behavior—it’s time to put her in her place. Get the Comfy White Puppy Play Hood and let her punishment begin.

Color White with Black details
Material Polyester and Spandex
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Comfy White Puppy Play Hood

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