Comfy Horseshoe Plastic Nipple Rings Set

Comfy Horseshoe Plastic Nipple Rings Set

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Dimensions 1.2 x 8 x 3mm

Nipple rings are proof that you don’t need bigger boobs. You only have to be creative in presenting what you got. We have included the ideal products to help you achieve this goal, which is why you are at the right place if you are looking for them. You will be delighted to learn about the Comfy Horseshoe Plastic Nipple Rings Set.

The first thing you will notice about this pair is their resemblance to a horseshoe. This shape allows a tight and secure hug to your nipples. Each piece has ball stoppers at both ends, keeping the tunnel from sliding off your titties. They are available in 0.31- and 0.39-inch nipple measurements, allowing you to grab the most suitable pair.

Are you vying for less invasive items for this purchase? You can try bioplastic-based pieces like this set. Both rings in this set are lightweight, making them perfect for everyday use. They are unlikely to pull your nipples down or irritate your skin. And with these excellent features, you would think these products couldn't offer anything anymore. But nope, you are wrong! They’re topnotch in sturdiness, too. You can expect it to spend a long time with you.

You’ll never find these pieces hard to maintain. You only have to wash them with warm water and mild soap. Spray some ethyl alcohol on their surface for deeper cleaning. When planning to keep them away for a while, put them inside a jewelry bag or a ziplock container to prevent them from harboring infectious bacteria.

You can now present your bumpers with pride! You may not be blessed with big boobies, but thank goodness there exist nipple rings like these. There is no reason not to get the Comfy Horseshoe Plastic Nipple Rings Set. Add this to your cart today!

Color Light Pink
Material Bioplastic
Dimension Length: N/A
Inner Diameter: 0.31 inch, 0.39 inch
Ball Stoppers: 0.12 inch
Gauge: 16G: 0.05 inch (1.2 mm)
Package Inclusion 1 Pair of Nipple Jewelry