Colored Leather Dog Masks
Colored Leather Dog Masks
Colored Leather Dog Masks

You have to let it out, or you'll go crazy. You've known all your life that you are a dog deep inside, but you can't find a way to express it. Like the dog, you are fun-loving, loyal, and playful. And for some reason, you feel aroused when you act like a dog during sexy time with your babe.

Maybe it's about time that you explore the exciting world of puppy play and discover how it will enrich your intimate moments with your honey. Put on one of the Colored Leather Dog Masks and enter the headspace of a pup. Let your partner be your Master and be in charge of leading, disciplining, and training you. There's no doubt you will both enjoy pet play.

The masks are available in yellow, pink, and blue variants, giving you options to delight you more. Each mask is created to fit most heads, and for sure, this will sit snugly around your head. Do some puppy tricks, and it will stay on your head.

This dog mask features a muzzle, which makes it distinctly canine. This muzzle has tiny holes that will let you breathe normally. It's securely attached to the hood with metal rivets for durability. The eye-shaped cutouts will let you see your Master's hand signals, and of course, help you avoid obstacles during your agility training. Listen well because you've got ears that won't ever drop.

It's crafted from synthetic leather, not made from an animal hide. If you are vegan, then this product won't offend you. With no straps, buckles, or zippers, you can put it on in a sec, without anyone helping you. While it's great for puppy play during sexy time, you can wear this at a Halloween party or cosplay.

Bark while you walk on fours. Play fetch the ball with your Master soon! Buy now!


Color Yellow, Pink, Blue
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: 8.45 inches
Head: 7.3 inches
With Muzzle: 9.8 inches


Colored Leather Dog Masks

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