Colored Bucket Butterfly Nipple Clamps

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Are you getting bored with your usual sex routine? If you want to try something fun and new, then you'll like our Colored Bucket Butterfly Nipple Clamps. Get yourself ready for a different sensation! You'll start to wonder where this has been your whole life.

Do they look like sex toys? We don't think so, but they do look intimidating if you know that they're going to be used on your nipples. Made from 100% high quality and solid stainless steel, you know that they mean business. These are not for those who just want to fool around. There's more to it than what it looks.

Why this pair of metal clampers is important is down to the breasts your clamping them to. Your boobs are already sensitive enough when they're stimulated. Using nipple clamps will increase the stimulation, making them more sensitive.

How do you use these? First, you have to make sure that your nipples are erect when you use them. This shouldn't be a problem with you. Any type of foreplay works fine as long as you can make them rock hard. Your partner can give you a hand here also.

Once they're upright and firm as you want them to be, clamp each nipple with our Colored Bucket Butterfly Nipple Clamps. You can use the buckets to your advantage by adding some weights to them. As you pile up the weights, you'll start to feel your nipples being pulled down, which could be a positive feeling for BDSM lovers.

Not only that; you'll also feel that your nipples are starting to get numb as clamping them restricts the blood flow. Release your tits from their grips and blood will come rushing around your nipples. This is what causes them to become more sensitive than they already are.

Get our Colored Bucket Butterfly Nipple Clamps, and you'll be more satisfied during sex…or if you just want to humiliate yourself in front of your Daddy Dom.


Clamps: Silver

Bucket Weights: Silver, Purple, Pink 

Material Stainless Steel
Type Nipple Clamps Weights
Dimension (inches)


Clamps: 3.54 in.

Buckets: 1.97 in.


Buckets: 2.17 in.

Weight: 0.15 lb