Colored Bell Pendant Nipple Screws

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Don’t you wish your woman had pierced nipples to make her boobies look more awesome? Why not give her the Colored Bell Pendant Nipple Screws?

These nipple rings with screws will lend a realistic pierced nipple look without the permanent piercing. The nipple rings are 0.86 inches in diameter and have four holes where the screws are inserted. The screws are threaded to perfection for ease of adjustment and manipulation. They have smooth flat tips which won’t harm either of her tits. Their ball heads, on the other hand, provide easy grip while they’re being rotated. These ball screws also add dramatic bling.

One of these four screws holds two chiming bells together to create melodious jingles that will delight your ears. The bells are available in five metallic shades — red, gold, blue, purple, and green — so choose the color that will suit her taste.  These are sold in pairs because she can’t have one sexy nipple while the other isn’t. Hence, there will be four chiming bells dangling from her tities.

They’re made of premium stainless steel, so these great nipple jewelry pieces are safe on your woman’s delicate skin. Stainless steel is a known durable metal that’s resistant to rust and wear and tear. Assist your woman in putting them on to make her feel special.

For your woman’s best experience with this jewelry set, start by caressing, licking, and sucking her tits to draw more blood into these parts. Once they’re erect, start rotating the screws clockwise to tighten them around each nipple. Tightness should depend on her pain tolerance and be aware of this all the time. As she wears them, request for a sultry dance so you can hear the bells a-jingling.

The magic begins when they’re taken off. Your woman will find the release sweetly relieving. Flirt with her nips once again until she reaches nipplegasm.

Spice up your sex adventure by giving your lady the Colored Bell Pendant Nipple Screws. Purchase them now!

Color Gold, Blue, Purple, Red, Green
Material Stainless Steel
Type Nipple Screws
Dimension (inches)
Length: Screw: 0.31 in.


Ring: 0.86 in. 
Screw: 0.23 in. 
Ball: 0.20 in.
Weight: N/A