Collared Submission Sex Rope
Collared Submission Sex Rope
Collared Submission Sex Rope
Collared Submission Sex Rope

As you swung yourself in the playground, he passed by. You smelt the fragrance of his cologne. You noticed his charming face and radiant aura as if it was just you and him who were there. From that time, you knew he was the one that you wanted to push your swing forever. Little did you know that it's not on a swing that he wants you to ride—it's on a suspension, with ropes and bondage, gagged while wearing his sex paraphernalia.

Luckily, you're compatible with each other as you like getting restrained, too. As you do, you may want to try adding the Collared Submission Sex Rope to your collection to enhance more of your BDSM adventure.

This tool is a collar and a cuff in one. It's made of nylon, unlike your usual leather toys. Nylon is way better than other materials because of its durability. It does not wear right away as the interwoven threads that make it reinforce its strength. It comes in classic black and measures 51.18 inches long. Its collar's diameter starts from 4.53 inches and is adjustable up to 5.91 inches wide. By simple pulling of the leash, you can tailor fit it to your neck and wrist.

This restraining device ensures the impossibility for the slave to escape anytime during the play. But like any other plays, rules must be set to keep it fun and safe. A safeword, or a gesture if you're gagged, will ensure that you both enjoy the adventure.

After using this sex equipment, you may want to clean it after, especially if sweat and cum splat on it. As it absorbs liquid, make sure to wash it with water and disinfectant soap and dry it before storing it in your cabinet.

After all, you made the right choice ever since you met him. But it'll be a better choice if you buy the Collared Submission Sex Rope. Add this to your collection. Get it now!

Color Black
Material Nylon
Dimension Length: 51.18 inches (130 cm)
Width/Diameter: 4.53-5.91 inches (11.50-15 cm)


Collared Submission Sex Rope

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