Buzzing Punishment Electric Shock Collar
Buzzing Punishment Electric Shock Collar
Buzzing Punishment Electric Shock Collar
Buzzing Punishment Electric Shock Collar

Your pet has always been in her good behavior. She follows your orders and waits for you patiently when you’re not at home. But one night, she was acting a bit…naughty. She kneeled in front of you and started pulling down your boxers with her mouth.

But you were in the middle of a virtual meeting, and even if you wanted to “play” with her, you couldn’t drop the call because you were talking with your boss. So you tried to stop her by pushing her face away, but you failed because she used her naughty hands to pull down your shorts, and she succeeded.

And because of what she did, you put her in her cage. However, things got worse. She groaned and growled so loud that your boss started hearing it and asking what the noise was. You had no choice but to make an alibi, but it seemed like he didn’t believe it. So he ended the meeting and told you to handle the chaos in your house.

Man, that was so embarrassing! But if you had a Buzzing Punishment Electric Shock Collar, this situation would’ve been prevented. This kinky choker will make your pet stop growling instantly. That’s because this collar comes with a sensor that sends a subtle yet electrifying shock to the wearer’s neck, making her stop making noises. And with its adjustable neck strap, you can put it around her scuff with ease. You only need to adjust its tightness for a comfortable fit. And oh, don’t forget to charge it, too. Otherwise, it would just be like a harmless BDSM collar for pet plays.h

Once done, take the collar off and clean it well. Be sure not to wet the charging port to prevent a short circuit, then keep it in a cool, dry place.

Make your pet stop groaning and growling…in a kinky way. Grab this Buzzing Punishment Electric Shock Collar now!


Color Black
Material ABS
Reflective Nylon
Dimension Length:
Strap: Adjustable
Shocker: 2.56 inches
Strap: N/A
Sensor: 1.57 inches
Sensor: 0.98 inch


Buzzing Punishment Electric Shock Collar

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