Breath Easy Open Mouth Ring Gag
Breath Easy Open Mouth Ring Gag
Breath Easy Open Mouth Ring Gag
Breath Easy Open Mouth Ring Gag

The thing about kinkiness is that it does not choose where you are or what you are doing; as long as there is a need for a quick release, it just happens.

Well, as an avid Dom, you are always prepared for whatever happens your way. You love giving your partner the best time, and you are on the look for something new and exciting. Then you will need the Breath Easy Open Mouth Ring Gag for your next kinky adventure.

This gag is a handy yet dangerously sophisticated item made of PU leather that will change your kinky play. This material is heavily used for these products because of its comfortable wear and is sturdy as well. The straps are lined with numerous adjustment holes so that your Sub can adjust accordingly.

Moreover, the middle portion of the leather gag houses two rings. These stainless steel loops are going to make your partner's mouth open for your kinky satisfaction. Imagine a drooling Sub and your dick on her mouth as she submits to all your sexual fantasies! Now that is a moment you always have to be ready for!

As these rims are made with stainless steel, you can rely on its sturdiness. This material is also hypoallergenic, so you can enjoy your time without having to worry about harsh skin reactions.

Being a wild Dom is excellent, but you should also be a responsible Dom. Make sure you don't let your partner wear this gag for more than 15 minutes to avoid untoward cuts or bruises. The skin surrounding the mouth is sensitive, so you need to cut your playing to a minimum time. You can also apply petroleum jelly to the lips to keep them moisturized all through the sexy sessions.

Making your Dom status impeccable is essential, so you better be ready for anything! Grab this brilliant piece today!


Color Black
Material PU Leather
Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: Outer: 1.93 inches (4.9 cm), Inner: 1.50 inches (3.8 cm)


Breath Easy Open Mouth Ring Gag

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