Black Leather Gimp Mask
Black Leather Gimp Mask
Black Leather Gimp Mask
Black Leather Gimp Mask

Black Leather Gimp Mask

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You have always wanted to be as extreme as you can be. You like pushing that button where you test your ability to endure. You are a bit athletic, and as with anything you put your mind to, your bedroom character always likes to have some fun. If you want a different kind of sexual encounter yet still stay true to controlling your Sub's sensory experience, then we have got the mask just for you.

The Black Leather Gimp Mask is a real experience. It's suffocating, limiting, and if you are an aesthetic whore, you will surely love the belts and baddie vibe. A total standout with its high-quality synthetic leather material, your partner will appreciate the awesome design. Leather is an excellent material to replace latex. It is much more body-safe and is easier to wear.

Each part of this mask is made to make a statement. A thick belt runs through the outline of the eye and neck area of this gimp mask. This component ensures that your Sub is locked in for the duration of your BDSM encounter. Moreover, the lace locking system secures the headgear in place. So even when you drag her around for a bit of a humiliation trip, the hood stays in place.

This gear is a numbing accessory; it has stellar sensory deprivation capabilities, your Sub won't even hear anything! Her entire face will be covered with this headgear, but if you feel the urge to open her mouth for some oral action, you can do that.

The mouth valve has an easy-open latch to give you options. Showcasing your power over the Sub is essential for serious bondage players. As this heavy-duty mask will strip her off most of her sensory capabilities, she will know who the real boss is.

Don't forget to discuss safety gestures in case the steamy encounter becomes a bit too much. BDSM should be an expression of your deepest fantasies. Whatever your role is, it should be consensual and adequately reviewed.

This is deprivation at its best, give this gear a try, and you will soon learn what 'extreme' really means!


Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference/Thickness: Adjustable