Black Inflatable Butterfly Gag
Black Inflatable Butterfly Gag
Black Inflatable Butterfly Gag

Flowers and candle-lit dinners are the unspoken language of romance in the vanilla world. But you find those too sweet, and that’s just not the way you handle things. You like it a bit rough, and you want sex with a little kink. Thankfully, your Sub is totally okay with it. What a relief, right? Good to know that she prefers lying down on your leather couch to getting laid on a bed of roses. And if you can’t give her butterflies in her stomach, then stuff her mouth with butterflies instead!

The Black Inflatable Butterfly Gag may block your Sub’s mouth, but it’s also a sure-fire way to reach her heart (or her loins, for that matter). If you’re already bored with your old ball gags, then this device will spice up your BDSM plays. This premium-quality latex mouthpiece looks very elegant in black. The mechanism is quite straightforward. Gently stuff it in your Sub’s mouth and pump the inflation bulb until you reach the desired fullness of the butterfly gag. You can also decrease its size by turning the air-release valve. All parts were thoroughly inspected to pass safety standards, so you can be sure that this product is a good deal.

However secure this device may seem, you should still be actively involved in foolproofing your bondage sessions. For one, before putting the gag in your Sub’s mouth, you might want to check first if her teeth are sharp or if she has a tongue piercing. Worst case scenario is that the gag may pop while lodged inside her mouth, and this can cause serious injuries. Establishing a safe signal is also very important since your Sub cannot talk. Above all else, don’t go too hard with an inflatable gag.

Don’t try to think of reasons why you shouldn’t buy this gag because—chances are—you won’t come up with any. Give in. Buy the Black Inflatable Butterfly Gag today!

Color Black
Material Latex
Dimension Length:
Gag: 3.35 inches (85mm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Black Inflatable Butterfly Gag

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