Big Bad Leather Wolf Mask
Big Bad Leather Wolf Mask
Big Bad Leather Wolf Mask
Big Bad Leather Wolf Mask
Big Bad Leather Wolf Mask
Big Bad Leather Wolf Mask

Big Bad Leather Wolf Mask

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Color Red

You have always felt a more profound infatuation for her. The Sub who dared to dream bigger than a prince charming and instead was brave enough to seek out the big bad wolf like you.

Everything you ask of her, she always does. Even if you want rough role-play, she still says okay.

To stay in character during your BDSM play, use this Big Bad Leather Wolf Mask.

A product of PU leather base material, this mask is everything you need to play the role of the big bad wolf more effectively. It looks realistic with its ears and muzzle. It has a sleek, smooth, and hypoallergenic surface, making it an excellent choice to use in covering your face.
More so, it is highly adjustable with its strap that could fit most head circumferences. All you have to do is lay the mask on your face, secure its position, and then fasten it with the belt-like buckle. It also boasts a sturdiness like no other. You can rest assured to be getting a prop that will always be with you.

Show your Sub how sly and wicked you can be. Once you wear this mask, don't forget to use other devices that will make her question her life choices. Put her in total restraints, then inflict her body with pleasurable pain. Tease her hard and spank her even harder. Feast your eyes as she struggles with the roller coaster ride of sensations she's experiencing. Wait for her to beg and say, "please fuck me."

Don't forget to ask your partner for consent in every activity that you will both do. Assign verbal and nonverbal cues to make sure your playing is secured.

After playing, wipe the inner and outer surfaces of this mask with a dry cloth and store it at room temperature. Remember, direct heat will evaporate the moisture and oil on the PU leather that will cause it to crack.

Hide your dark and kinky intentions using this Big Bad Wolf mask. Add it to your cart today!

Color Red, Black and Red, Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference/Thickness: Adjustable