Bedroom Games 4 Point Restraints
Bedroom Games 4 Point Restraints
Bedroom Games 4 Point Restraints
Bedroom Games 4 Point Restraints

Bedroom Games 4 Point Restraints

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Color Black

You're running out of creative juices trying to think of ways to make sex thrilling. Obviously, candles, roses, and raunchy music don't do the trick anymore. Whether you admit it or not, it's high time to level up your game. Why not experiment with bondage play and start with the Bedroom Games 4 Point Restraints? The product is a set composed of a pair of handcuffs, a pair of ankle cuffs, and straps that go under the mattress.

Made of soft and plush synthetic fur, the cuffs offer maximum comfort, and the Velcro closure allows quick installation and removal while offering adjustability for the best fit ever. For these reasons, these restraint cuffs are great for beginners. You'll be amazed at how versatile this restraint tool is as each handcuff and ankle cuff features a metal D-ring and a swivel hook. With these hooks, you can connect your sub's wrists over a bed pole or attach these hooks to a spreader bar. You can also bring his or her ankle and hands together in a sitting, standing, or lying position.

But before exhausting all the possible ways to restrain your partner using only the cuffs, make sure to use the bondage set, and set it up under your mattress. Its design is simple and straightforward for quick and easy installation. This product is compatible with most beds as the straps have ladder buckles for adjustability.

If you intend to use this set for hours, the cuffs won't hurt your partner. Just keep in mind not to leave your slave or sub while he or she is in bondage. Besides, why waste time when such a beautiful sight is right in front of you? Get your other kinky tools and tease your helpless partner. Use a vibrator to tickle some intimate parts or bring your partner to the edge of orgasm as many times as you like. Naughty and erotic possibilities are endless when you have Bedroom Games 4 Point Restraints. All you need is a wild imagination!

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Color/Type Black, Pink
Material Nylon
Dimension Length:
Ankle cuff-Adjustable
Widthr: NA

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