Badass Armor-Like Human Muzzle
Badass Armor-Like Human Muzzle
Badass Armor-Like Human Muzzle
Badass Armor-Like Human Muzzle

Badass Armor-Like Human Muzzle

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Sexual frustration is like a virus. It eats you up inside and holds you back from being the best version of yourself. But if you know where to look, you'll find that there are many ways to fight dissatisfaction. Try giving your bedroom routines a new twist and take control of your sexual pleasure. Put this Badass Armor-Like Human Muzzle on and dive into the gratifying experience of dominance and submission.

While there are masks that can deprive a submissive partner of his or her senses, there are masks that can help a dom impose his or her dominance. There are atrocious masks that can intimidate a sub, especially if it looks as hair-raising as this Badass Armor-Like Human Muzzle.

This black accessory features a face mask with an eerie touch. Unlike an ordinary muzzle, this has a sinister look that can make someone feel uncomfortable. Wearing it, on the other hand, can feel quite comfortable. That's because it has two straps for a more secure and comfy fit. One strap goes around the area above your ears, and the other just above the nape. Both of them are adjustable and locks similarly with a belt. It has an ergonomic shape that will conform to the shape of your nose and mouth, hence still allowing you to breathe and talk dirty. Wear this mask while holding a whip or a paddle, and your partner will submit to you obediently.

And because of its menacing design, this mask is also an appropriate piece for cosplay. It looks similar to the ones you can see in video games. It also makes a badass accessory to wear when going to a party. Wear it over a surgical mask, and you can protect yourself from viruses and do so with style.

Be the most baleful dom by wearing gear that will make you look more hostile! Hit that "Add to cart" now!


Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference: Adjustable