Automatic Pleasure Hydro Penile Pump
Automatic Pleasure Hydro Penile Pump
Automatic Pleasure Hydro Penile Pump
Automatic Pleasure Hydro Penile Pump

Automatic Pleasure Hydro Penile Pump

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There are times when you feel like your glory days are over. It seems like stress and aging got the better of you. But, you know what they say, it ain't over 'till it's over. Keep your penis stamina and humping skills intact with the help of this Automatic Pleasure Hydro Penile Pump.

Do you know what makes a penis hard and erect? Well, aside from inspiring visuals of large breasts and delicious booties, anatomically, it's the increased blood flow in your penis. But there are times when jelqing is not enough to drive your blood and boost your phallus. Moreover, male enhancement pills can come with unwanted side effects that might do more harm to your health than good. On occasions like these, you'll need some help from an accessory that will siphon your blood and make your penis as mighty as a juvenile cock.

This penile pump has an automatic suction feature that will create a vacuum inside the tube. Also called a hydro pump, this water penile pump uses water to create a more uniform pumping. Using this pump will also increase your dick's length and girth. Your partner will surely love the upgrade, and you'll also feel more confident as you see your glorious augmented dick. It uses two AAA batteries which are not part of the package.

You can use it as it is or with water. Should you intend to use it with water, fill it up to only 3/4 of the cylinder and use lukewarm water. Don't forget to apply some lubricant to the entry hole. Press the button to start the suction until you achieve the desired pressure. Once the penis training is over, you can release the air or water. Wait until there's no more pressure before pulling your dick. And voila, your penis is now ready to deliver and give orgasmic pleasure.

You love your partner! That's why you only want to give your lover the best, especially when it comes to your performance in bed. Get this water penile pump now!


Color/Type White
Material ABS
Dimension Length:
Total Length: 11.02 inches
Cylinder: 7.09 inches
Width/Diameter: 2.76 inches