Automatic Growth Water Dick Pump
Automatic Growth Water Dick Pump
Automatic Growth Water Dick Pump
Automatic Growth Water Dick Pump

Does your flaccid penis always get in the way of a promising one-night stand? First impressions last, so if you want to be the talk of the town, it should be for all the right reasons.

Say goodbye to a useless, limp dick with the Automatic Growth Water Dick Pump. This device works on the principle of creating a negative pressure in a tube filled with warm water. Not only does this machine increase your cock size by a few inches, but it also gives you enough rigidity to get the job done, whether for foreplay or full-on penetrative sex.

This product caters to both you and your partner’s pleasure. It isn’t your basic masturbator because it is equipped with solid vibration and sucking modes. While using it, you will feel that it directs all your blood flow towards your peen, making you erect and ready for action. You will also feel its immediate effect the moment you finish your pumping session. You’ll notice that all the sensation your dick feels gets heightened—making blowjobs more exciting than it already is. This pump also comes with cock rings of different sizes, so you can pick one and slip it on your dick after using the machine. Having such will ensure that you maintain your hard-on even after you’ve switched off the pump.

This hydro pump makes everything convenient for you. Aside from letting you enjoy hands-free playing with your cock, it also offers accessible charging via a USB cord which you can easily plug into your laptop, wall charger, or car charger. It is also effortless to wash as its main components are ABS and TPE. Soak the cylinder and the sleeve in a mixture of warm water and soap. Rinse it thoroughly and store the device in a cool, dry place.

Have your share of wild fun while staying in your element. Pump your way to a harder dick today!

Color Black, Transparent
Material ABS and TPE
Dimension Length:
Cylinder (Over-all length): 11.42 inches (290mm)
Sleeve:3.54 inches (90mm)
Cock Ring: 2.76 inches (70mm), 2.95 inches (75mm), 3.35 inches (85mm)
Cylinder: 2.91 inches (74mm)
Sleeve: 3.03 inches (77mm)
Cock Ring: 1.50 inches (38mm), 1.57 inches (40mm)

Automatic Growth Water Dick Pump

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