Animal Play Latex Dog Mask
Animal Play Latex Dog Mask
Animal Play Latex Dog Mask
Animal Play Latex Dog Mask

Being the Dom has always been your passion. But now that you have been doing BDSM for a while, your Sub has become naughty and making trouble. She has a pretty face. That is why she catches a lot of attention, and you are not into that. You want her for your own, and the need to establish that ownership is driving you mad.

Good thing we have the Animal Play Latex Dog Mask to give your pet play the change you want. She will feel your wrath when you wrap her cute face with a tight, skin-hugging latex. Dismantle her charms and let her know who the boss is when you cover her attractive asset. Doing so is how you tame a rowdy puppy; with intense discipline and a firm change in boundaries.

You can see a dog-like silhouette on the curves and features of this piece. Dogs represent taming, partnership, and loyalty, so having this as your submissive partner's mask for your hot sessions will make you feel like a true master. The sleek latex will be a bit tricky to put on, so you will need to add a water-based lubricant to make it simpler to wear. This item also features a convenient zipper at the back portion for better adjustment.

She will be able to see you, but the mask will cover her entire mouth. Can you imagine the muffled sounds of pleasure she will be making as you play puppy-master with her? You know how that passionate helplessness turns you on!

A steamy night is not going to be fun if you don't set some ground rules. BDSM practice requires you to set your precepts and talk about safe words and gestures when things get too rough for her. You also have to make sure this item gets some love by spraying it with a soap and water solution every after use. Wipe it thoroughly with a clean cloth and remove all moisture. Latex and condensation don't go too well together.

Satisfy your need to mark your territory; add this item to your purchase today!

Color Black
Material Latex
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference/Thickness: 0.02- 0.03 inch (0.6-0.8mm)

Animal Play Latex Dog Mask

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