Animal Play Fetish Dog Mask
Animal Play Fetish Dog Mask
Animal Play Fetish Dog Mask

It's the naughtiest time of the year again for fetishists and kinksters like you. It's time to march in the Folsom Street Fair again! Do you have your kinkiest costume this year? You already tried nylon harnesses, furry collars, and leather straps. Why not get some latex this time?

If you're looking for some badass headgear for your bare, naked body in the parade, use the Animal Play Fetish Dog Mask—no more, no less!

This mask will suffice to accentuate your head and make you a head-turner in the fair. It is made of high-quality latex, a rubbery and elastic material widely used in the BDSM world. As it's highly stretchable, it comes in only one size, which can cater to most adult head sizes. It has a fastening system—a zipper at its back to ensure it will cling onto your head up to the neck very securely. Its design mimics a majestic hound figure that will surely attract paparazzi and lure photographers as if you just stepped on the red carpet.

The mask's use is not limited to costume parties only. When it comes to the real deal, you can definitely use it to add drama to the play itself. Wearing a mask in your BDSM performances gives a mysterious identity effect to your partner, making everything more exciting. Match it with a latex sleeping bag and let your partner play with your body while you're all wrapped up in the bag. You can also wear furred onesies and play fucking furries—your imagination is your limit!

However, always remember after each use to maintain its shine. You will sweat a lot once you use this latex mask, so make sure to clean it using a latex-friendly cleaner to eliminate the odor and dirt inside and out.

Be an eye-catcher in a crowd full of commoners. Use the Animal Play Fetish Dog Mask and lead the march as if you rule the BDSM world. We guarantee discreet shipping, so hit "Add to Cart" now.

Color Black
Material Latex
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference/Thickness: N/A

Animal Play Fetish Dog Mask

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