Adult Baby Pacifier Gag
Adult Baby Pacifier Gag
Adult Baby Pacifier Gag
Adult Baby Pacifier Gag
Adult Baby Pacifier Gag
Adult Baby Pacifier Gag

Being a Daddy is your favorite role. You love taking care of your baby, giving her all her heart's desire, and spoiling her to all her favorite things. In return, she fulfills all your kinky requests and satisfies your naughty plans. If you are both into this play, you will enjoy the Adult Baby Pacifier Gag!

This mouth gag has a stunning PU leather strap with a soft texture that will cushion your skin from the tug and pulls of wild sex. PU leather is a sturdy material, too, so you can play knowing you will not break this accessory into two. The back portion has adjustable latchets that will enable you to find the perfect fit for your partner. It has 18.11 - 25.98 inches leeway for you to adjust. A snug mouth guard will give you the best experience because it will stay in its place even as the sex becomes rough.

On top of these features, this item boasts a baby pacifier. Your princess will love how she can quickly wear this and amp her get-up as your baby. You can choose among five striking colors—a lovely blue, a cute pink, a sexy red, a clean white, and a sleek black. You will love how your partner will drool and salivate as she performs all your kinky wishes. The vivid picture of a pacifier on your baby's mouth will be enough to keep you interested for whatever!

Being the responsible Daddy, ensure that you talk with your sex partner about safe gestures before doing the act. This action will keep your play safe and healthy.

Keep this clean by wiping it with a neat cloth and your trusted disinfectant after use. Then, store it in your sex toys box for future use.

Be prepared to give your baby girl nights you won't both forget. Make it memorable with this Adult Baby Pacifier Gag.

Color Belt: Black
Pacifier: Blue, Pink, Red, Black, White
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Belt: 18.11 inches - 25.98 inches (46 cm to 66cm)
Belt:.79 inch (2 cm)
Pacifier Nipple: 1.18 x 1.77 inches (3 x 4.5 cm)
Guard: 1.34 x 1.97 inches (3.4 x 5 cm)

Adult Baby Pacifier Gag

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