Adjustable Leather Elbow Restraints
Adjustable Leather Elbow Restraints
Adjustable Leather Elbow Restraints

Experience more intense pleasure by getting your arms wrapped together. When your hands are immobilized, and you can't stop your partner from giving you stimulations here and there, pleasurable sensations get more intense. What can you do? Nothing, except to moan and scream in ecstasy.

The Adjustable Leather Elbow Restraints will turn your boring sessions into more fun, more breathtaking role plays. Have one of these, and you won't have to endure boring sex games. The restraint tool looks like a leather corset with a lace-up for adjustability. For support, two adjustable leather straps bring the elbows and wrists together.

The wrap is made of high-quality and incredibly soft PU leather that feels like fabric when worn. The leather straps are made of harder PU leather for them to stand vigorous struggles and wriggles. There will always be a time when you want to escape and embrace that partner giving you all the delicious stimulations.

Place your hands behind your lower back to let your partner bind your lower arms. He will then loosen or tighten the wrap with the lace-up. Let your partner know once you feel that snug and comfortable fit, and only then can he buckle up the straps around your elbows and wrists. Not comfortable having your arms wrapped behind your back? No worries. You can have your arms restrained with this binder in front. Should you fancy having your legs wrapped, this bondage tool can do the job, too. Amazing, huh?

Beyond design, this handcrafted leather binder is made of durable material that will weather all the possible beating during your hardcore sessions. Use leather conditioner to prevent the leather from cracking and make it last longer.

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Color/Type Black, White
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Width: Adjustable Diameter


Adjustable Leather Elbow Restraints

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