Adjustable Ball Buster Toy
Adjustable Ball Buster Toy
Adjustable Ball Buster Toy
Adjustable Ball Buster Toy
Adjustable Ball Buster Toy
Adjustable Ball Buster Toy
Adjustable Ball Buster Toy

The entrance to your lady garden isn’t the only thing that can be locked. Your man’s junk and nuts, too! And if you’re looking for a tool that can chastise and bust your big guy’s balls, then this Adjustable Ball Buster Toy is a perfect choice! It’s a Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) tool designed to put pressure on your slave’s balls. What it does is it yanks his nuts down and squeezes them until he begs for your mercy. What a way to punish and please your boy toy!

To put this on his prized possessions, you need to trap his pathetic balls in the ring. Wrap it around his balls, then twist the thumbscrews to raise the plate. Do it fast or slow—it doesn’t matter as long as both of you are satisfied with the delicious agony it gives.

When you’re happy with the punishment you gave, release his scrotum and do whatever you please with him. Bounce on him, stroke his erection, suck his dick and balls—do anything you want until he reaches the pinnacle of orgasmic pleasure. And when the session is over, clean this CBT tool with mild soap and warm water. Wipe it dry with a clean cloth and store it in a cool, dry place.

This ball crusher—or any CBT device, for that matter—isn’t for beginners. You need to have experience in administering such kinky play to make sure that the entire scene will be fun, exciting, and of course, safe. Watch out for body signals. Your slave may tell you that he can still take it, but if you see any discoloration, bumps, or he’s getting numb, then you should stop it immediately.

Lockdown his desperate balls and satiate your twisted desire with this Adjustable Ball Buster Toy. Add it to your cart now!


Color/Type Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Bolts – 3.5 inches
Plate – 4 inches

Plate – 1.5 inches
Ring – 2 inches
Ring Inner Diameter– 1.36 inches
Ring Outer Diameter – 4 inches

Weight: 0.56 lb.

Adjustable Ball Buster Toy

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