3D Christmas Nipple Covers

3D Christmas Nipple Covers

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The festivities of the holidays will always get you in the mood. The sparkling lights, the numerous parties, even the rush of shoppers all around! Nothing beats this feeling of celebration, and you have always loved this season.

Well, we also love to indulge you in the festivities, so we have our 3D Christmas Nipple Covers for you! You will never go wrong with these pasties. They bear the colors that call for a celebration and a design that symbolizes the most wonderful time of the year!

Nothing is more festive than a nipple cover that has red and green Christmas balls and golden bells. All these goodies are all bundled up in one clamp with the bells at the center. You will love how each movement is going to make the sexiest chimes.

This lovely pair is made of high-quality, durable materials. You will love how comfortable these nipple covers will feel over your areola as you move and go along with your plans.

Additionally, you have to be mindful about how you apply these pasties over your nipples. Make sure the area is free from moisture and oil. That will ensure the adhesive will stick well.

The main point of using these pasties is to free your boobs from the hassles of wearing a bra and still be able to cover the most intimate parts. With these lovely pieces, you will enjoy the unique design as you wear your favorite silk dresses. Expose the right amount of skin and give your front babies the liberation they deserve!

After the party is done, make sure you give these lovelies some TLC. You can wash them gently with water and mild soap. Wipe the bells and intricate details with a clean cloth and store these lovely pieces in their container.

Don't miss out on this chance to celebrate in the sexiest manner. Add these beautiful nipple covers to your cart today!


Color Red and Blue
Material Acetate
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A