Sperm stoppers

Don't stop having a good time with the unique toys in this collection!

If you're comfortable with penis plugs and cock rings or curious to try both, you can try out these bad boys. You can get the restraint from the ring and the urethral stimulation from the sound. With the combination, you can gain an erection as tough as steel. Here at Lovegasm, you can find the right one to fit your needs!

Our Sperm Stoppers collection includes a vast assortment of toys to start your fun. These little wonders feature a cock ring with either a ball or plug attached to the shaft. You can find different stoppers to put you in your pleasure place. There are ones with beaded sounds, ones with two rings, and ones with simple tapered plugs. Since these toys use stainless steel, you can behold its sleek silver sheen. There are also different designs to suit your taste. You can have a fantastic time with these stoppers!

For the best, you only deserve to get the toys made from the finest materials — only the finest medical-grade stainless steel lines up these superb toys. You're bound to be safe while you wear these toys. These are hypoallergenic, non-porous, and toxic-free. Furthermore, stainless steel can give you weight, firm filling, and sturdy sensation. You can also add some temperature play. More importantly, you don't have to worry about harmful substances like BPA, dioxin, latex, and phthalate. To maintain the best quality, the materials go through a strict series of quality control procedures. You can stay at ease when you wear these cock stoppers!

To get you prepped for fun, you can place a generous amount of lubricant on your toy and your urethra. This can give you an easier time to insert the stopper and get into the ring. Moreover, you can lie down and let gravity assist you in sliding the sounds or plugs down. Also, you should insert and remove the stoppers only when you're flaccid. These simple starters can help you enjoy stoppers better!

When you're all set up, you don't have to stop the fun. By placing the stopper inside you, you can experience waves of sensation all over your body. Furthermore, you can gain a rockhard erection, longer stamina, and boosted performance. Your partner can have twice the fun. Also, these stoppers can play a role in your session. You can use it to tease each other, depending on how you want it.

After fulfilling your desires with the stoppers, you can clean up easily. You can wash it with warm water and mild antibacterial soap. Later on, you can dry it out with air or wipe it with a clean towel. Once dried, you keep it safe in storage. More importantly, you must keep it away from direct sunlight and volatile liquids like alcohol and acetone. By following these instructions, you can keep the stoppers in top condition!

Keep the orgasms coming when you get your very own from our Sperm Stoppers collection!

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