Adjustable Silicone Male Chastity Device

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Have you ever wondered how it feels like to use a male chastity device? For some of us, we associate this with BDSM. While this is true, it is not only limited to that at all. If you ever feel like submitting yourself to this kind of experience, you can try using the Adjustable Silicone Male Chastity Device.

Before you use the silicone chastity device, it’s essential that you know its features and properties. This allows you to have a better understanding of the kind of male chastity device that you have in your hands!

Made of Silicone, the mechanism is an excellent addition to your arsenal of sex toys. With this kind of material, it’s non-porous and 100% skin safe. It comes in four awesome colors - red, white, blue, and black. Choose the color that speaks to you the most!

When you take a closer look at the exceptional device, you might notice that there are a couple of holes around it. You can find a couple on the sides and on the tip. These holes are there to provide the cock with ventilation. These do not affect the male chastity device’s ability to constrict the penis. You can also find an attached adjustable cock ring which is vital in tightening the penis. There are actually two sizes for you to choose from. The small cock ring’s diameter is between 1.49 to 1.73 inches. As for the larger one, it’s about 1.77 to 2.17 inches.

Before using the Adjustable Silicone Male Chastity Device, make sure you are familiar with how to keep it clean and hygienic. Make sure you wash your cock and your male chastity device with warm water and soap.

Color/Type Red, White, Blue, Black
Material Silicone
Ring Dimension (inches) Diameter: 1.49-1.73, 1.77-2.17
Cock Cage Dimension (inches) Length: N/A
Width: N/A